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Computer repair Services

Contour Technology is offering the following onsite repair for Professional and Residential Home PC Services for Sarasota County, Fl customers:

Hardware Troubleshooting & Repair
Software Troubleshooting & Repair
Virus Removal and anti-virus protection
Spyware Removal
Data recovery from System that will no longer boot
Networking – Wireless Networks & Rage Booster (Extender) Installation and Configuration
MP3, PDA, Printer Installation (USB Devices)
Camcorder, External Hard Drive (USB/Firewire Devices)
Network Attached Storage (NAS) Installation and Configuration
Spyware Removal (Pop-ups, Internet Explorer Homepage Hijacks, Pornography links, Desktop Wallpaper Hijacks)
Software Installation (Customer must have CDs to insert in PC)
Software Printer Issues
Parental Control and monitoring
Purchase Assistance, talk to us before you buy a new computer
Help with computer setup
Many other services (call us and we will let you how we can help you)

We also specialize in custom building or upgrading your computer, just discuss with us your needs and we will help you to build the perfect computer or install or configure the new parts you need to assure best possible result.

We do not charge per minute or per hour, all rates are a set price (flat rate) and you are notified in advance of the fees.