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Use of the Service

Customer Content
Using Contour Technology Services Customer agrees not to distribute or display materials or violate any of the following clauses which: are discriminatory based on gender, race or age; violate any state, federal or foreign laws or regulations; violate any Contour Technology policy posted on our site including Content Policy and Copyright Policy; are defamatory or hate promoting; contain viruses which result in damage of Contour Technology Site or any third party.

Cancellation of Services
Please, refer to our Cancellation Policy. Contour Technology may immediately terminate this Agreement if the Customer engages in any unacceptable behavior reported by the third party.

Use by Minors
Contour Technology sells its services to adults only, who can purchase with a credit card. Minors uner age of 18 may purchase our services only with the involvement of the parent or legal guardian.

Use of Software
Contour Technology Customer agrees to use Licensed Software Only in connecton with our services.

Our Customer may be charged a penalty for over occupying the amount of disk space on the Server or the network bandwidth, alloted by Contour Technology.